Lane Kennedy
Lane Kennedy
creator + mindfulness + meditation + detox

My name is Lane Kennedy.

I am a human being.

I create things for other humans to find their way back to themselves.


I have these for you.


Finding Grace: a guide to living fearlessly

An easy to follow guidebook that brings new perspective towards leveling - up to your intuition and creating the life you want to live.


Meditation & mindfulness: a practice you can begin now

No Oms, no insence, unless of course you like that sort of thing, no I share practical, reasonable, easy meditations to change your brain, your thinking, your life.


detoxification for the body, mind and spirit.

A detox is more than eating the right things, detoxification is a state of being that gently guides you to your better self.


A long time ago I couldn’t stop drinking.

Then one cold night, something happened. That night was December 31 1996.


Hopeless to Hopeful




your intuition knows.



learn what’s next in your life.


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